She composed her very first music the age of 7. In her 10th grade she’s got disqualified from a talent contest because the juries didn’t believe that she composed her own music for a certain poem of József Attila.
This lady – with overwhealming humour – came from Kecskemét and got into the Conservatoir of Szeged by allowance of age. Being the youngest amongst her fellows got her the famous nickname Mókus.
„Szirtes Edina Mókus is one of the most deviant phenomenons in the Hungarian world music scene. She’s a very rare mixture: a virtuosic professional with routine, and still a 100% genial individual. The audience can identify her assertive violin roulades with ease even if she plays folk, chanson, Oriental or contemporary music, her sweeping-pure vocals stand above any kind of streams. I would name the first Hungarian hurricane after her, the little sister of Katrina and Sandy.” (János Lackfi)
„I can’t believe I’m here” – she started her composer evening in the Palace of Arts – „ and my flutter suits the venue and occasion”. She should get used to sold-out concerts and a growing fanbase, that follows her steps. If they can keep up with Mókus.

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